Croeso i dudalen lawrlwythiadau Creu Sbarc. Mae swmp o wybodaeth ddefnyddiol ar gael yma a fydd yn cynyddu gydag amser wrth i'r mudiad dyfu.

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TestTown was a Carnegie UK Trust initiative to encourage both youth entrepreneurship and the revitalization of town centres.The original competition invited aspiring young entrepreneurs to showcase innovative business ideas that could challenge perceptions of the traditional high street. Such was its success that 10 towns across the UK were chosen to run their own TestTown event - this is Bridgend's TestTown story.

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A first business school to put Public Value at the heart of our activities – research, teaching and engagement. In simple terms, we are working to deliver both economic improvement and social improvement, recognising the role that business and management has to play in tackling some of the grand challenges in contemporary society.